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What Concierge-Level Service Really Means

I am often asked to explain the value of hiring an interior designer versus purchasing a design plan and executing it oneself. In addition to the many custom details that are available through a designer and and not off the shelf, what sets the experience apart is just that — the experience. At Gail Davis Designs, I offer concierge-level service, so let’s talk about what exactly I mean.

Design Gail M. Davis

Just as it is the role of a hotel concierge to anticipate every possible need of his or her guests, it is mine to prepare a home for the unique needs of each client. Preparation for this begins early in my design process, as I spend time both over the phone and in person with my clients to learn the nuances of their lifestyle and their desires for how their home will be of service. Do they entertain often? Have small children or pets? Enjoy spending time in their garden? Like to have an ice-cold glass of water before turning in each night? No detail is too small or insignificant as I am making plans to outfit their home to fully suit their needs and desires.

My role as concierge of your home does not end at the planning phase. Once the design proposal is approved and paid for, Gail Davis Designs will handle one hundred percent of the ordering, procurement, and installation of the products. I employ a white-glove receiving warehouse that will receive, inspect, build, and then store all furnishings until installation. We will track all orders, notate all contractor schedules and contact details, and keep an itemized budget up-to-date.

Design Gail M. Davis considers a design plan

I will be the point of contact for any trades performing work on the home and will make frequent site visits to ensure the quality of the work and keep the schedule on-time. I never expect my clients to get involved with trades, but instead hope they can relax as they anticipate the design plan coming to life.

Once construction is complete and all the products have arrived, I will schedule installation. This may take anywhere from a couple of days to a week, depending on the scope of the project. My goal at this point is to prepare the home as if it were a luxury accommodation, with everything available for the client to walk through the door and begin life in their new space. The beds will be made, fresh towels will be hung — even the refrigerator and pantry can be stocked for a party.

I arrive at installation armed with a crew ready to hang drapery, install art and light fixtures, and assemble any last-minute items. When every last item has been placed, my trusted cleaning crew will give the house a once-over to ensure that it is in the best shape possible. After the home is photographed, it is ready to be turned over to the client, complete with an extensive guide for the care and maintenance of each new piece.

Designer Gail M. Davis in the Aspire Design & Home Show House

Photo by Lisa Russman

My ultimate goal is for each client to step into their home and have the experience of a fine hotel. My clients work very hard and I believe they deserve a place of respite to enjoy their friends and loved ones, away from the stresses of the world. It gives me great joy and satisfaction to know that they can lay their head on the pillow that first night knowing that their home is in order, with no nagging projects or needs.

If you are interested in a concierge-level design experience, I invite you to view my portfolio and complete my inquiry form to explore whether Gail Davis Designs would be a good fit for you and your home.


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