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The Value of Custom Upholstery

Custom upholstery is not just a luxury in design, it's often a necessity. From unlimited options aesthetically, to very specific engineering physically, upholstery options provide custom solutions for every space. As a New Jersey interior designer, I have the immense privilege to access literally millions of custom upholstery options at my fingertips. Crafting a truly bespoke, timeless design true to your lifestyle is always at the forefront of my design decisions. Through my concierge level service, I'm able to help navigate the complexities of proper upholstery for your home, whether it be fashioning a new piece of furniture or a family heirloom. Here is why I love custom upholstering pieces for my clients:

Design by Brian Paquette Interiors in his Whidbey Island Project

Higher Quality Performance

As we are spending more time in our homes, we're often asking our furniture to do double duty and serve dual purposes. Dining room chairs have become office spaces, breakfast nook banquettes are now distance learning classrooms. Because of the additional wear and tear on your furnishings, performance fabrics are non-negotiable. Custom fiber content blends that can be easily spot cleaned, resist pilling and repel moisture make. your furniture look new, longer.

Not only is custom upholstery a higher quality, but when you add performance fabric you add peace of mind & longevity. I am a strong believer that folks should live in a house and not a museum. Our homes are for us to enjoy, entertain & replenish our souls.

More Bespoke Options

Part of my signature concierge level interior design process is ensuring the absolute best possible design, bespoke to a client. That means, if an items doesn't exist from a vendor, I will have one made with custom upholstery. My ultimate goal is to craft a design entirely unique to you. Custom upholstery allows me to do that as a designer. By planning to custom upholster a piece from a manufacturer, we can focus on the shape of a piece, the lines, and the comfort. We exponentially increase our options when crafting a space, knowing that we can make any piece look the way we want it to.

Design by Gideon Mendelson of their Pre-War Brooklyn Project

Design by Gail Davis Designs | Photography by Lisa Russman

More Sustainable, Ethical Practices

The final, and likely most important reason I love custom upholstery is for the sustainable practices of reupholstering heirloom pieces. Environmentally, recovering vintage pieces make for a much smaller environmental impact. Without needing more lumber, or to ship furnishings to a receiving warehouse, you eliminate a significant carbon footprint.Family heirlooms get an opportunity to have a 2nd or 3rd life when you make it fresh by adding modern fabric.

I'd love to discuss bringing your vision to life with my full service interior design packages. Whether you're looking to remodel an entire home, or just turn your new house into a home, my expertly crafted design process will get you there seamlessly. You can read more about my interior design processes in-depth here


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