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My Interior Design Process

At Gail Davis Designs, I have refined my project process for optimum expediency, quality and transparency after years of professional interior design experience. My design process specialized in concierge level service. My goal with every project is an entirely full service approach for a truly turn-key interior design experience.

Over the last month, interior design inquiries have come pouring in as the world is awakening to the lack of diversity and BIPOC representation in the design world. As I believe in full transparency in the design process, I wanted to create a tell-all guide of what to expect while working together. By providing a detailed outline of my design process, I hope to jump start your concierge level service, address any initial concerns you may have and lay the foundation for a seamless and pleasant experience together.

1. Inquiry

The initial step of working together is submitting an interior design inquiry here. Our design inquiry form guides you through the initial questions I need to begin to understand your project and the scope of work. After submitting your inquiry, we'll reach out within 72 hours to schedule our initial discovery call.

2. Exploratory Call - Complimentary

After receiving your interior design inquiry, we'll schedule a complimentary 20 minute phone call to discuss your project in more detail. This is a chance to evaluate the general scope of the project and ensure we're a good fit to work together.

3. Consultation - $600

Over the course of two hours, I'll sit down with you and learn more about your project. During this consultation, I'll learn how you live in your space, your goals for the space moving forward, what colors you love, and what styles you would like to stay away from. We’ll walk through your home together, mark up current floor plans and elevations. Additionally, I will sit down with you to discuss the design process, so you have a clear understanding of what to expect for your unique project.

4. Contract

After our consultation, when you're ready to move forward, I'll prepare and send over our contract for you to review and sign. After signing the contract, our project has official begun and the creative process begins.

5. Trade Day

Trade day is the foundation for the entire project. I will arrive at your house to take all necessary measurements, capture photos of the different spaces in different lights, take extensive notice how the space changes throughout the day, and most importantly, we’ll meet with any trades people to get bids. On trade day, we'll have plumbers, carpenters, woodworkers, painters and any other tradespeople we anticipate needing for your project for the most accurate estimate of your project.

6. Design Planning

With a thorough understanding of your home, I begin the design process. During this phase, I will execute floor plans with the new layout and create detailed elevations showcasing the design plan. I will also prepare selections for hard surfaces, furnishings, fabrics, and fixtures - everything that turns an empty house into a warm and welcoming home. During this planning phase, we'll price out every aspect of the project to have the final project investment outlined.

7. Presentation & Proposal

With the conceptual direction of your home created, we’ve carefully curate the design details including flooring, cabinetry, fixtures, wallpapers, furnishings and artwork. I’ll carefully craft a detailed design presentation to walk you through all of our selections. You’ll have the opportunity to view samples, touch swatches, compare quality materials and view our design plans. While presentation day can traditionally feel overwhelming, I’ve solidified a planning process that is both efficient and strategic. After the presentation is complete, I’ll make any necessary revisions to your preferences to finalize the project’s design plan. Along with the design presentation, I will prepare an itemized investment proposal outlining costs, contractor bids and estimated design hours.

Once the design proposal is approved, 100% of the proposal estimate will be due in full before ordering begins.

8. Ordering & Procurement

After receiving full payment, I will handle ordering all the materials and furnishings for the project as your interior design concierge. As a full service interior designer, I'll be the point of contact for all vendors during your project. As items begin to arrive, my white glove receiving warehouse will receive, inspect, build and store all furnishings. We will track all orders, notate all contractor schedules and contact details as well as keep an itemized budget up to date.

9. Project Management

To keep things running smoothly and ensure the highest quality final product, we’ll schedule periodic site visits to check the progress of the renovations. During our site visits, I’ll answer any questions the architect or builder may have, speak with contractors, and ensure designs are coming to life as planned. Our executive level service ensures a superior quality of work is maintained by all parties involved in the design.

10. Installation

When construction is completed, all furnishings have been received and custom upholstery projects completed, we will schedule installation. Depending on the scope of work, installation may take anywhere between two and five days. We will handle all details of install: our white glove receiving warehouse will deliver all the furnishings and decor, while our handymen will arrive early in the morning to install fixtures, and hang drapery. I will unroll rugs, position furnishings, hang artwork and style every final detail.

11. Photography

The day after installation is complete, I will schedule a professional photographer to come document my work. We'll shoot every space in your home we worked on quickly and efficiently. This is a critical part of my process, as I try to add all my projects to my portfolio.

12. Reveal

Welcome home! This is the first time you'll see the full design process come to life. We will walk through and blue tape any outstanding items to ensure quick and polished completion. I will present you with a cohesive care binder complete with warranties and maintenance instructions.

After our project together is completed, I'm always available for updates in the future. I establish long-lasting professional relationships with my clients. I'm always eager to help them transition to a new phase of their life - whether that is moving from the city to the suburbs, downsizing, or adding to the family.


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