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WFH, Now What?

When we started 2020, no one ever thought that there would be a virus that would have our home doing double duty. Not only does our home have to support our everyday family life, it now has to support us working from home. I am sure folks are looking around at their house and taking stock of now only how it looks but how it feels.

Here are 3 tips that will help you get closer to the home office of your dreams.

1. Declutter

Only keep items in your office that will assist you in being super productive. Working from home can be a challenge due to so many distractions at your fingertips! The best way to alleviate distractions is to minimize what you need in your office. You'll need a proper place for your writing utensils, daily paper work as well as spot for all the wire cords to disappear. It is possible to create a professional setting, even at home.

2. Get a Proper Desk

I find it easier to work when you have a beautiful space to work from. A big part of making working from home easier, is having a good desk to work at. Instead of sitting at the kitchen table, or hunched over on your sofa, you need to carve out a designated space for you and your laptop. My desk (above) allows me to sit down with ease and get to the business at hand. Between meetings, reviewing floor plans, choosing furnishings and working on budgets I needed a space that I could comfortably spread out on. When looking for a desk for your home office, make sure that it is something that you love, is the right scale for your home office and allows you to work unencumbered.

3. Mix It Up!

Have fun with your home office. Here is your chance to create a fun environment that will unleash your creativity. It doesn't just have to be paint! Go all out and add wallpaper, and not just to one wall but all four. Instead of painting the ceiling basic white, add visual interest to the ceiling with Benjamin Moore's Pearlescent paint. It will add a warm shimmer and when the light is on, it will create a dancing silhouette. There are so many options for lighting that you don't have to stick with the basic table lamp. Check out task lighting and floor lamps to add ambiance for the long nights in the office. For window treatment, why not do a solar shade (inside mount) and a flat or relaxed roman shade (outside mount) with trim along the edge? Choose fabric that has viusal interest instead of a plain fabric. Now you can do that zoom call with confidence!

Remember, you don't need to break the bank on your home office. However, you do need for it to be highly organized to allow you to be productive.


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