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Say No To Sectionals

There, I said it! I grew up with a sectional in my parents house and am traumatized (dramatic, I know) because of it. From middle school until my 30's there was this giant tetris game in our living room. You could not break this thing up to create various seating arrangements.

When I start working with new clients and they tell me that they want a sectional. My first question why? And the first thing they tell me is, that they can fit a lot of people in the room. They also tell me that they both can lay down at the same time and not touch each other while lounging.

While I understand why clients gravitate to wanting a sectional in their home, I quickly educate them on other seating arrangements that are more inviting. I also advise them that you can optimize seating for the same amount of folks and more in a space if you did a sofa with 4 chairs, 2 of which swivel or if you did 2 sofas & a chair or 2 (depending on space).

I explain that while one person is leading the conversation, the others are craning their necks to look at that individual. I prefer that we sprinkle various seating throughout the room to appease all that come to visit. Why would you want to lock yourself into seating for the next 15 plus years and not fully utilize your living space?

In this living room (see below), I created an ample seating arrangement for this family who entertains often. I love to place swivel chairs in most of my furniture plans, as it allows folks to transition in conversation with others. I also love to sprinkle ottomans throughout as they are easily moved around the space if necessary.

Living Room Furniture Layout

Below are the furniture pieces that were chosen for this 350 sq ft living room. First & foremost, super comfortable furniture is key when designing. There is absolutely no reason to have cute furniture that is uncomfortable! You must be able to take a nap, read a good book or watch tv for long periods.

The round table at the top of the living room was switched out for a console. The two ottomans with lion paws will be placed under the side windows. We are also swapping out the clients current large ottoman for a smaller square coffee table. The client is an avid book reader & needs a place to store her books and momento's from family travels.

Furniture & Fabric Selection

In closing, I hope that the next time you think sectional, I hope that you will rethink the furniture layout. Happy designing, good people!


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