What is it

In this 2-hour meeting at your home we will discuss:

  • paint colors

  • wallpaper options

  • rug selections

  • furniture selection

  • lighting

  • spatial arrangement

  • circulation path

The consultation is designed to assist you in the process of creating the home of your dreams. At the conclusion of the consultation, you will receive detailed notes that will give you a definitive visual direction for your home,

Cost $600

Full Design Services

How I work

1. The Initial Consultation
We discuss the project. We review the space(s), discuss how it will be utilized, the vision of the client, and the feel of the room(s).

2. The Contract Meeting
I present the contract along with a detailed breakdown of scope of the project. Client signs the letter of agreement and pays the non refundable design fee. Once contract is signed and payment is received, the design process begins. I will schedule a time for my team to measure the space for floor plan presentation.

3. The Schedule

14 days from receipt of design fee Gail Davis Designs, LLC returns with floor plans and design scheme. Once design schematic has been approved, our team will set up schedules for trades people to come in to review space and supply quotes.

4. The Quote

Quotes are presented to client for approval. Once approved, a 75% deposit is required to get work started. We will schedule dates for work to be done. 

5. The Project

My team will manage the project from beginning to end. We work very closely with our trades team to ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible. However, as in life, challenges do arise and we will meet them with energy and creativity. Weekly email updates are provided to advise of progress.

6. Project wrap-up

As the project starts to wrap up, my team and I will do a walk-through with the homeowner to address any questions or concerns. We will go over any outstanding items and address them accordingly.

7. Enjoy your new space

At the end of the project, I will provide a maintenance booklet.